What Is a Public Insurance Adjuster – And Why You Should Hire One for Your Insurance Claim?

In this article, we will be answering the questions – What Is a Public Insurance Adjuster and why you should hire one for your insurance claim? 

I don’t think it’s a secret to anyone that the insurance industry is complicated, to say the least, especially if you’re someone who, for the most part, is unfamiliar with the industry. 

So if you’re filing a claim and the extent of your knowledge relating to the insurance industry is paying your automotive, property, or life insurance policy each month – pay close attention.

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This is something we see all too often here at JF Public Adjusters.

Why? Because it’s this lack of experience which allows insurance companies to have a dramatic advantage over the typical policyholder throughout the insurance claim and settlement process.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that the insurance company that holds your policy is a business whose primary objective is to deliver profits to the owners and shareholders.

And… The lower the settlement amount or payout, the higher their business profits. 

This means your insurance provider’s success is tied to how effectively they can reduce each policy settlement payout… or even avoid paying it entirely.

It’s literally their job to figure out ways of how NOT to pay out insurance settlements – And believe me, they’re good at it. 


So What Exactly Is a Public Adjuster?

A Public Adjuster (Very different from a typical “Insurance Adjuster”) is an independent insurance professional who works on behalf of the policyholder.

It is their job to ensure your insurance company cannot succeed in taking advantage of the fact you as the policyholder may be unfamiliar or inexperienced with how the settlement process works.

A Public Insurance adjuster is essentially your hired gun. An independent insurance expert, whose job it is to fight on your behalf.

But most importantly, the role of a Public Insurance Adjusters is to ensure you receive the insurance payout you’re owed and entitled to.

A Public Insurance Adjuster Helps You Navigate The Murky Waters of the Insurance Industry

Insurance policies are meant to cover you against any risks of potential loss.

They can cover your life and others’ lives, your vehicle, your home, your business, and any other risks that you perceive.

You likely know if you’re buying insurance, the process begins with you and the insurance company coming to an agreement about what they’re willing to insure the potential risk for, and what you’re willing to pay as a premium for them to insure that risk.

This agreement is your “policy.” – Pretty simple right?

Well, insurance IS simple. At least until your need to submit a claim.

Insurance is very easy when you’re paying the insurance company, but when they may need to potentially pay you, well, that’s when things get a bit more complicated.

At this stage, a mutually agreeable insurance settlement needs to be reached between you and your insurer.

This is the part where they’re going to begin exploring every opportunity for them to avoid paying you your rightfully owed settlement amount.

Depending on the type of insurance, your insurer might provide you with the “complementary” services of an in-house …or… one of their trusted external “insurance or field adjusters.”

This adjuster works on behalf of your insurance company to get the claim handled quickly, quietly and inexpensively for the insurance company.

This is also coincidentally where a Public Insurance Adjuster can really be of assistance to you.

They work on your behalf to see your settlement is not only fair, but it’s the full amount you’re legally entitled to.

How a Public Adjuster is Paid?

A Public Adjuster isn’t paid up front, but rather a percentage of the settlement payout, which is agreed up before hiring them.

The fee percentage they charge may be a standard rate or based on the case’s complexity.

Considering they won’t make any money if you don’t receive a settlement payout from your insurance company, it’s in the Public Adjusters’ best interest to work as hard as possible to get you the absolute highest settlement amount.

How Hiring a Public Adjuster Can Help You

A Public Adjuster works for YOU and lends their experience and expertise for compensation based on the result or outcome they’re able to achieve for you.

Government Statistics states:

“Policyholders who used public adjusters received an estimated $9,379 on their claim, compared to $1,391 for those policyholders that did not use a public adjuster, a difference of 574%.”


– Office of Program Policy Analysis and Government Accountability

Here are some of the reasons hiring a public insurance adjuster is a wise decision if you’re about to begin the insurance claim process.

3 Reasons Why You Should Hire Public Insurance Adjuster?

1 – They Understand Insurance Policies

Understanding the mechanics of insurance claims and how to handle them is considered a complicated process.

Here’s the deal: One of the best assets you can have at your disposal is EXPERIENCE when processing an insurance claim. 

That means working with somebody who hasn’t only been through it before, but who deals with insurance policies and claims daily. 

Public insurance adjusters are independent experts you can hire who’ll lend their years of experience to you.

They’ll know exactly how your claims have to be filed, the evaluation process, and whether any supplemental claims are possible.

Put simply – this isn’t their first time.

2 – They Remove The Stress of You Personally Handle the Claim

The process of submitting a claim after completing an evaluation can be quite exhaustive, to say the least.

The claims process is extremely detail-oriented and requires information on every part of the property that has been damaged, the cost of replacement, and so much more.

This can be quite daunting for policyholders and is best left to insurance professionals like an independent public adjuster.

Also, the claims process can be an extremely time-consuming process for someone who isn’t familiar with how it works.

This can lead to enormous stress, anxiety, and overwhelms for the policyholder who’s trying to do it themselves.

3 – Accurate Claim Filing

Filing a claim through a public insurance adjuster is also a safeguard to ensure the claim is accurate, detailed and of a value that will cover ALL the incurred losses.

Insurance companies never pay more than the claimed amount, even when their own evaluation may justify a higher amount.

A public adjuster will justify higher amounts and present all the necessary documentation to ensure you’re paid what you’re entitled to.

What To Look For When Choosing a Public Adjuster

If you’re searching online for Public Adjuster Near Me. here are some things to consider. 

Public insurance adjusters have to be licensed to work in the state where the loss has occurred and is, according to the insurer, covered by the policy. 

Before you hire an adjuster, make sure that they are licensed to do the work and check up on their records and performance. 

Take you time to check them out online, read their reviews, both the good and the bad, and see what their client experiences are like.

Don’t be afraid to ask the Public Adjuster you’re considering for references you can speak to.

Hiring the “right” Public Adjuster can literally mean a difference of thousands of dollars, tens of thousands, or even more, in the amount of money being paid back to you for your claim. 

So hire carefully, because a qualified insurance adjuster can be a game-changer for you as a policyholder.

Are You Looking for a Public Insurance Adjuster

If you want to have the upper hand on the negotiation table, keep in mind that an insurance adjuster, aside from their professional expertise, often has a significant financial interest in bringing the case to a favourable outcome for you. 

The insurance adjuster will be the best person to assist you and provide an independent, honest, fair, and unbiased estimate based on damage and losses you may have experienced.

If you’re about to file an insurance claim, I highly recommend you find a qualified public adjuster in your area to at least consult with, and get an expert opinion.

Are you close to us here at JF Public Adjuster? 

If you’re looking for a Public Adjuster in New York or a Public Adjuster in New Jersey, we invite you to contact us here at JF Public Adjusters. 

When you do, we’ll schedule you in for a claim assessment and onsite survey to ensure you get compensated for your what you’re owed. 

Have a question about the Insurance Claim Process and How a Public Adjuster could help you? Be sure to leave your question in the comments section below.

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If you’re searching online for “public adjuster NY” we invite you to click the link to visit our New York Public Adjusters services page. Furthermore, we also work as public adjusters in New Jersey.


  1. Jamie-Lynn Gregory

    That is very interesting, I had no clue about the difference between a regular insurance adjuster and a public insurance adjuster. I wish I lived near you as I would have hired you, but thank you for all the helpful information.

    • JF Public Adjusters

      Thanks for the kind words Jamie-Lynn! We’re glad it helped you.

  2. rachel frampton

    There was a strong typhoon that attacked my community about last week, and this caused water damage to my basement area, which is why I’m currently looking for an adjuster who may help me determine my exact insurance covers. Thank you for clarifying here that the public adjusters are also keen on negotiating with the insurance company. I’ll also keep in mind to verify whether the prospective service is licensed and has a good track record.

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